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How I went from corporate burnout to running a private practice expanding into community mental health center I love and helping many do the same

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Building any business takes hard work and perseverance just like a marriage.

But building a business you love that doesn’t feel like work, that doesn’t burn you out takes a whole lot more.

This is my Journey

A Psychologist turned Business Coach, for MHP’s, Best Selling Author & Speaker. She teaches entrepreneurs to get aligned, to protect, grow and to profit  in their business without making costly mistakes.

Dr. Barnes also a child sexual abuse and domestic violence survivor who advocate for women to become aware of their higher self. Kind-hearted, passionate and innovative, she loves help others focus on their, Purpose, Aim, Map, Profit & Score (PAMPS) in their business. Being Christ-Centered has allowed her to serve from a place of love and full-filling her God-given purpose from personal knowledge, educational and real-life experience.

As a Paralegal, I was working tirelessly covering over 300 cases in addition to the Chief Attorney’s media-sensitive cases praying to find something else, something more fulfilling when I was T-boned in a car accident leaving an agency training on my day off. I remember God telling me to go back to school so I did.

I was a remarried wife, mother of 5, disabled, Master’s degree student but with determination and support I finished and started a small private practice & ministry after going through a long transition with myself.

Business was great it was founded with the focus of a great purpose, had a mission, a vision & values. I also finished the Doctorate program. Yeah, I did it, I was able to serve in a major way built on a Godly foundation for my business and was about to become a Ph.D. grad. It was also my 1st year of almost making it into the 7 figures club. The Ministry, Private Practice and small Private School, this was the start of an empire.

This was a year where I added multiple streams of revenue, we also grew rapidly, and entered into the 7 figures club. I also ventured into product creation and started a Spa product & Hair extension line, in addition to the ministry, private practice, small private school but also started to lose sight of our foundational principles which was prayer & obedience.

Things still growing but never let your heart to serve, lead you into the ground (mentally, emotionally, physically & financially). It seemed like things were great, we hit another 7 figures that year. I started venturing into life and business coaching, I actually hired a coach who advised me to make some changes in my business, that should have been in place from the beginning for business and personal protection.

Early that year we were already into 6 figures from the multiple streams of revenue. Just about to implement the final phase of protecting my business structure and revamping employee procedures **BOOM** an employee had committed fraud 2 years prior, which I had to make an agreement to close my private practice turn mental health community center. I was crushed, devastated, felt like a failure. Back to praying, discernment & obedience.

I felt sorry for myself, I felt like I lost everything, but I didn’t. I had to refocus on the positive things, get back to the Godly foundations for my life and coaching practice & other business ventures. I had to get clear and aligned in my businesses. I needed a Purpose, an Aim, a Map, to Profit and to Score= PAMPS.

Now I am focused, having fun teaching Mental Health Professionals & Counselors to get clear, to start, to grow and to monetize their private practice while making an impact without the burnout or lack of time. I also consult with MHP’s on credentialing, compliance & billing for starting and or maintaining a successful practice without sacrificing integrity and patient care. I also teach women entrepreneurs and coaches how to get clear, how to align and monetize the purposeful business. I also help churches, ministries, and non-profits expand into adding multiple streams of revenue. I now get to serve in a major way in many areas where I was blessed to have educational and or real life experience.

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